About Us

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About Us

ProBath is already a well-established name in the hall of bathroom remodeling services, with a rich history that spans over 30 years. Our journey began with a singular vision – to elevate the art of bathroom design and create spaces that seamlessly blend functionality, safety, and aesthetic appeal for all budgets. Over the decades, we’ve evolved and grown, honing our craft to perfection.

From our very inception, ProBath has embraced the diversity of bathroom projects. Whether it’s a complete bathroom renovation or minor upgrades, we have the same commitment to excellence. With every project we undertake, we bring a wealth of experience and a dedication to quality that has made us a trusted choice among homeowners. Our history is a testament to our enduring passion for transforming bathrooms into havens of comfort and style, and we look forward to many more years of crafting exceptional bathroom spaces for our valued clients.

Our Values

At the heart of ProBath’s philosophy lies a simple yet profound belief: our clients are family. This sentiment is the cornerstone of our approach to every project we undertake, regardless of its scale or complexity. We are unwavering in our commitment to uphold our core values—Quality, Transparency, and Agility—because we understand that these principles are the foundation of trust and satisfaction in every client relationship.


We take pride in our commitment to quality craftsmanship. At ProBath, we only use high-quality materials from trusted suppliers to ensure lasting results. Our professionals pay attention to every detail to deliver outstanding results, exceeding your expectations.


Clear and effortless communication  is crucial to the success of any renovation. We always make sure our clients are consistently updated and actively involved, starting from the initial consultation all the way to the concluding walk-through. Our team ensures your concerns are addressed and your ideas, listened, providing transparent and honest guidance.


We are aware of how much trouble a bathroom renovation can be to a client’s routine. That is exactly why our team prioritize timely completions through organization, without sacrificing quality or increasing price. We can finish most renovation projects within a week’s time, not months.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is ProBath a plumbing company?

No, ProBath is not a plumbing company. However, all of our jobs are handled by experienced plumbers who have the necessary skills and expertise to install, repair and maintain your bathroom.

What services does ProBath offer?

ProBath provides a range of services related to bathrooms, including design, installation, repair and maintenance.

How long does an installation typically take?

The length of time needed for an installation depends on the complexity of the project. Our experienced plumbers can provide an estimate of the time needed to complete the work. Most renovations are completed within a week, not months like other companies.

Do you offer financing options?

YES! We are work with most budgets. For additional assistance we work with Acorn Finance.

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What areas do you service?

We service the Summit, Wayne, Portage and Stark counties.

Supporting our Heroes and Friends

At ProBath, we take pride in our commitment to the community, and we’re thrilled to introduce our new program that allows you to make a meaningful impact while taking care of your home repairs. With this, we offer a discount of up to $250 off your donation to our affiliated veterans and pet foundations, directly deducted from your total invoice. Be mindful that the discount will only be valid upon presenting proof of the donation.

By choosing us, you’re not only ensuring the highest quality repairs and renovations but also joining us in making a difference in the lives of those who have served and our beloved four-legged companions. Together, let’s create a brighter future for our heroes and furry friends!

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