Pet Wash Stations

Mess-Free Pet Baths, Right at Your Fingertips

Convenience and Comfort

At ProBath, we’ve taken pet grooming to a whole new level of convenience and comfort. We offer a variety of pet washing stations designed to provide a hassle-free and enjoyable bathing experience for your furry friends, all while ensuring your home stays clean.

From pet-friendly features to easy-to-clean surfaces, the stations are crafted with the well-being of both pets and their owners in mind. Discover how ProBath can elevate pet bath time from a chore to a joyful bonding experience, making your pet’s comfort and cleanliness our priority.



Home Cleanliness

Pet Hygiene

Bonding time

Reduced Stress

Cost Saving

Pet wash stations brings several benefits to pet owners and their furry companions. Firstly, they provide convenience. Pet owners no longer need to struggle with bathtubs or garden hoses to wash their pets.

These specially designed stations offer an accessible and controlled environment for pet grooming, making the process more manageable and enjoyable for both the pet and the owner.

The stations also promote hygiene and cleanliness. Pets often bring dirt and odors into homes, especially after outdoor adventures. With a designated pet wash area, owners can ensure their pets are thoroughly cleaned, preventing messes and odors from spreading throughout the house. The stations come equipped with non-slip flooring and easy-to-clean surfaces, making pet grooming a hassle-free experience. Pet wash stations are more than just a convenience; they contribute to maintaining a clean and welcoming home, while also nurturing the bond between pets and their owners.


We only work with the very best brands, such as VEVOR®, to bring you pet wash stations equipped with a range of thoughtfully engineered features. From non-slip flooring for added pet safety to adjustable showerheads that cater to pets of all sizes, our stations make bath time a breeze. The easy-to-clean surfaces and contained design ensure that water and fur stay where they should, minimizing mess and simplifying cleanup.

We understand that your pet is also a member of your family, which is why we work with pet wash stations that are designed to be versatile and pet-friendly, creating a pleasant and efficient bathing experience for both you and your furry friend.

Here are a couple of features of our lineup of pet wash stations:

Small Sizes Down to 34″

Large Sizes Up to 62″

Easy Cleaning Stainless Steel

Single Control Temperature Mixer

Skid-Proof Retractable Ramp/Steps

Adjustable Sprayer With 3 Modes

S-Trap Stainless Steel Drain Pipe

Anti-Skid, No-Soak Grate

Drain Strainer

Adjustable Rubber Feet

Supporting our Furry Friends

We proudly support the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), an organization committed to safeguarding the welfare of animals across the nation. Through our partnership and contributions, we actively contribute to the ASPCA’s mission of preventing animal cruelty, rescuing animals in need, and advocating for their rights.

Our team is thrilled to introduce our new program that allows you to make a meaningful impact while taking care of your bathroom renovations. With this, we offer a discount of up to $100 off your donation to the ASPCA, directly deducted from your total invoice. Be mindful that the discount will only be valid upon presenting proof of the donation.

Our commitment to pet well-being extends beyond our products and services; it reflects our dedication to creating a world where every pet is treated with love, respect, and compassion. Together with the ASPCA, we strive to make a positive impact on the lives of countless animals and promote responsible pet ownership.

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